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Bishop Chatard Profile of the front of the school

Bishop Chatard High School

5885 Crittenden Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Tel: (317) 251-1451 Fax: (317) 251-3648

Bishop Chatard High School,  the North Deanery High School of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis,  is located on the corner of Crittenden Avenue and Kessler Boulevard, East Dr. in Indianapolis. Parking is located behind the high school, adjacent to the school’s athletic stadium.

Contacting Bishop Chatard

To Visit The School:
The main office at BCHS is open on school days from 7:15 a.m. to 4 p.m. During school hours (7:50 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.), guests must enter the school building via the main lobby, Door #1, on Crittenden Ave.. You will be greeted there to sign in and directed to the main office on the 2nd floor, to receive a guest badge. When your visit is finished, please report back to Door #1 to sign out.

Main Phone Number: 317-251-1451

Individual Email & Phone Numbers:
Visit the Faculty, Administration and Staff Directory

Fax Numbers
Main Fax number: 317-251-3648
Advancement Fax number: 317-254-5427
Athletic Office Fax number: 317-254-2268

Mailing Address
Bishop Chatard High School
5885 N. Crittenden Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220

MEDIA INQUIRIES: Please contact BCHS Director of Marketing and Communication Kelly Lucas at or 317-251-1451, Ext. 2264

Often Used Contacts

To Report An AbsenceAttendance
Call (toll-free): 844-312-4595
Online at or use their app. (Use same email to create account as your PowerSchool email)

President’s Office
Bill Sahm

Executive Vice President
Tyler Mayer
317-251-1451, ext. 2228

Vice President for Mission & Ministry
Deacon Rick Wagner ’78
317-251-1451, ext. 2250

Vice Principal of Academics
Ann Taylor
317-251-1451, ext. 2244

Vice Principal of Student Services
Ben Reilly
317-251-1451, ext. 2279

Director of School Counseling
Jamie Marx
317-251-1451, ext. 2246

Director of Academic Support
Beth Brogan ’86
317-251-1451, ext. 2252

Director of Campus Ministry
Steven Patzke
317-251-1451, ext. 2274

Director of Safety & Wellness
Vince Lorenzano
317-251-1451, ext. 2253

Director of Enrollment
Marilynn Fagan
317-251-1451, ext. 2234

Director of Athletics
Mike Ford ’76
317-251-1451, ext. 2256

Director of Business
Dan Thompson
317-251-1451, ext. 2251

Tuition Manager
Karen Feeney
317-251-1451, ext. 2238

Director of Fund Development
Margaret Ruffing
317-251-1451, ext. 2242

Director of Marketing & Communications
Kelly Lucas
317-251-1451, ext. 2264

Director of Alumni Relations & Special Events
Kelly Stuhldreher
317-251-1451, ext. 3110

Chief Information Officer
Tom Groot
317-251-1451, ext. 2273

Nurse’s Office
317-251-1451, ext. 2245

RT @BCHStudentLife Don’t forget about the HollaDance Christmas Cookie Baking Contest this Friday!! Bring your creations to the dance or to the Student Life office during the school day! Please label according to instructions in Mr. Boyle’s email. Prize awarded to the “Best Cookie!”

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